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bsd-~# man ssh4services -a
SSH4 SERVICES(5)      ssh4 FreeBSD Server Administration     SSH4 SERVICES(5)


	SSH4 -- all kind of FreeBSD outsourced server administration

	ssh4services [-a]

	ssh4 provide outsourced remote FreeBSD server administration services.
	Administration services include, but not limited to the following:
	- Initial server setup including kernel and system hardware based customizing;
	- Tailored FreeBSD configuration, optimization and tuning
		(nginx, apache, mysql, proftpd, glftpd, openvpn and other);
	- Encrypting system;
	- Server monitoring;
	- Pro-active software updates;
	- Security audit;

	You can always contact ssh4 with:
	e-mail: dalics@gmail.com